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International Awarded Exhibition booths, with more than 700 exhibition design per year and built Worldwide. We virtually create your expo set right away.

Our Solutions

Custom Exhibition Stands

Best spoken exhibition stands for your business to stand out from the crowd. The show is short, our designed stand will leave impressions for visitors on your stand to remenber.

Organic modular wall features CNC and 3D printed structures to make yuor space get out from the crow.

Key differences from traditional designs:
* Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-set booth.
* Mobile-friendliness, latest features techniques "out-the-box" 
* Exclusivity that relates to your brand.


System Stands

A modular exhibition system is ideal for organisations that exhibit at multiple trade shows as they can be reconfigured to suit different display areas.

A modular display booth consists of a variety of interlocking components, which can be assembled and dismantled without the need for an external supplier and with a minimum amount of tools, labour and cost.

* Fast setup and transportation.
* Easy to storage
* Unlimited design configurations.
* Clean look and asthetics.
*No need for external staff for assembly.


Portable Custom Stands

As leading experts in display solutions, we can help you promote your business in the most effective way by advertising your product or service at a variety of locations including point of sale (POS) and retail environments.

Promotional counters and displays are perfect for engaging with customers face-to-face. Whether you want to sample products or provide information, we have a range of different displays to meet your needs.

* Fast setup and transportation.
* Easy to storage
* Unlimited design configurations
*Inner storage available



Design Consulting

Get a free design consultation worth R 990*, and start revamping your space. 

3D visualization

All sides views, VR solution, we are a studio delivering and working 24 hour a day.

Production Drawings

Full comprising set of drawings for contractors and builders to make your space by the inch.

Costing Map

Costing of all materials and construction schedual for budget and logistic analises.

Decor Procurement

Furniture, lighting and A/V supply with thousend of suppliers to chosse from.

Project Management

Management of all aspects of the project, form first contact to final hanover.

Builders Procurement

We provide you with the best team of contractors National and International.

Delivery & Storage

Fast delivery and storage facilities of your branding and expo material for rebuilds.

Donwload our PDF catalogue, and get our handsome offers now!

Get your Expo stand now!

From only R 229* per hour.
Get your design done by the hour, Now!

Sample Boards


LED wall panels coming soon. A new way to showcase your brand anywhere.                    

EasyCube - Display system made easy for you, get yours now.

Award winning exhibition stand 2019, contact us now for more information.

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